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About Nik


graduated in June 1979 as an archaeologist at the KULeuven  

Followed the textile arts and ceramics courses at SLAC Leuven  

Graduated in June 2005 from the IKA in Mechelen,  

silversmithing department based on the theme "Traces" 


Working part-time as a jewelery designer since 2002  

December 2012 exhibition at the Hannah house in Herent

2013 and 2017 participation in the art route Leuven  

September 2018 art route Oud-Heverlee

2019 participation in Art Route Leuven


+32 475 34 83 28

My jewelry is also for sale at Boetiek Uniek, Mechelsesteenweg 461, 3020 Herent  

(only open on Friday and Saturday) 

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